:: To Parents
1. Parent are expected to co-operate with authorities by taking daily interest in their child's progress.

2.Parents should check the Hand book, Notebook and Test notes daily and sign them.

3.Parents are instructed to check and verify the school bag of their children daily. parent should not send their children with gold or with any other valuable things to school.

4. Test note and progress report should be signed by the parents within two days of the issue

5.Parents are requested only to sign in the provided space for parents signature and not to write anything in the progress report.

6.If the parents have any complaint may consult the H.M during the consulting hours.

7.Parents are requested not to carry any deal with teachers without the consultation of the H.M

8.Parents should not arrange tuition with  school teachers.

9.Parents should send their children to  school with full uniform including School Identity Card and Tie.

10.parents seeking admission to the children should contact only the school office.

11.Parents are asked to meet the H.M at least once in two weeks.

12.If any parent wants T.C of their ward they must apply through the prescribed form.

13.T.C will be issued only after clearing all the school dues.

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