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First of all, I humbly thank the almighty for have blessed me with this profession. I thank My parents who motivated me towards education and its importance. Last but not the least, my gratitude goes to my beloved husband, Mr.C.Wincent, founder and correspondent of this prestigious institution, who stood beside me during every traumatic situation, and because of whom I am here now as a Headmistress.

He made me to understand the nobility and dignity of teaching profession and because of whom the Francisian community Stands majestically today.

12 years have passed, In between which we faced many challenges and traumatic situations, but now I am here as a person whose dream, passion and everything is well accomplished. I feel privileged and honored to be a part of this esteemed institution.

The Francisian community not only provides teaching, but it also provides discipline and good values for the future pillars of India. I am proud to say that our institution plays a vital roll in shaping the carrier of the future generation.

Above all the students of the Francisian community will have good values with them. I also render my thanks to all the teaching and non-teaching staffs of St.Francis Nursery and primary school with out whose support our mission may not be completed.

May the Almighty showers all His blessings towards this renounced institution and makes its children high citizens.

                                                                                    Mrs.R.Maria Helen Victoria M.A, B.Ed, M.phil.

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