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I pray to the almighty to shower his manifold blessing on our school staffs, student and parents. I congratulate and thank all the trust members, advisory committee members, patrons and all the well wishers for their continuous effort and support. 

In this auspicious occasion, I would like to look back those days, When my mother holding young hands and knocking doors for seeking help to educate me. I attribute my gratitude for the moral and intellectual support of an uneducated mother.

“God could not be everywhere & therefore he made mothers”. This is a simple quote which came true in my life.

As I saw and felt the miseries of an uneducated poor mother to educate her children, my inner conscience forced me to bring up this institution to fulfill the needs of at least some poor mothers to educate their children. With this great intention we are running this institution. And I take pride in saying that we could have helped hundred of poor mothers in one way or other within this short period.

In this Juncture, We should know the importance of education. “Education is most powerful weapon with which you can use to change the world” Says the Saviour of blacks Nelson Mandela.

From this quote, one can easily understand the importance of education. An educated person has the ability to differentiate between right and wrong or good & evil. So it is the foremost responsibility of the parents to educate their children and make their life a better one.

Money spends for the education of the children is not an expense but an investment. If a child is educated properly the he  may earn everything for the family in future. Education makes a man perfect. So parents must educate their children at any cost. I hope the parents may understand the importance of education and they will make their children educated.

I wish all the students, teachers and parents for a glorious, victorious and prosperous future.

Thanks to all

                                                                                                         C.WINCENT M.A, BEd, LL.B,

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